Food / Portland / Restaurant

Olympic Provisions

Sunday in Portland was downright dreary with grey skies and persistent rainfall. Fortunately, our visitor from across the pond, Brooke, didn’t mind the weather one bit, so we set off at the crack of 11:15 am for brunch at Olympic Provisions (NW 16th and Thurman) and a little east side exploration.

I am so in love with Brooke’s vintage leather purse.

After stuffing our faces with poached eggs, biscuits with apple butter and what can only be described as the most perfect European breakfast board ever constructed (pickled eggs…yummm), we drove over to the east side of Portland and wandered up and down SE Hawthorne and SE Belmont streets. To escape the rain, we ducked into a hat shop slash African trinket counter, which boasted an impressive display of mounted butterflies.

We finished up the day with a visit to Powell’s Books on W Burnside and sushi before seeing Brooke off on her train back to Seattle, where she has been working the past few weeks. Wish she could have stayed longer, but already looking forward to her next visit! (Luke, you must tag along next time!)

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