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Vegetarian Crunchwrap Supremes

A couple of days ago, this recipe from the blog Full Bellies Make Happy Kids blew up all over Pinterest, and I knew that I had to make it. The Crunchwrap Supreme is hands down the best item on the Taco Bell menu, and seeing this recipe brought back fond memories of hitting the late-night drive-thru with my buddies back in high school (seriously, does every high school have a T Bell around the corner?) and devouring Crunchwraps two at a time in the back seat. Aside from a few drunken nights during college, my Taco Bell days pretty much ended once I reached my twenties, but I’ve never lost my taste for the Crunchwrap Supreme.

I’ve altered the recipe a bit to replace the ground beef with refried black beans (I prefer Amy’s brand) and add avocado. Although I used shredded cheese, next time I make these I will definitely splurge for the familiar flavor of nacho cheez. This recipe makes enough for two Crunchwraps, which, if you’re like high school Natalie, means one serving. Present day Natalie eats just one…most of the time.


5 thoughts on “Vegetarian Crunchwrap Supremes

  1. So glad you enjoyed them and I think what I love most about the recipe is that you can add your own ingredients, tweak it, omit whatever you don’t like etc. 🙂

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